Financial accounting

Financial accounting – basic services:

  • Allocating vouchers to an account
  • Entering and processing data
  • Checking and reconciling accounts
  • Booking receivables and liabilities
  • Open item bookkeeping
  • Sales/VAT tax return
  • Lists of sums and balances
  • Business evaluations

Financial accounting – additional services:

  • Forecasts and budgets
  • ABC analyses including maturities
  • Analysis of dunning procedures
  • Planning and setting up cost-accounting
  • Plan/actual comparisons
  • Business evaluation consulting(monthly/quarterly)

Bookkeeping of the future – DATEV-companies online
In cooperation with DATEV we offer the program “DATEV-Unternehmen online” for our clients who prefer digital bookkeeping or just prefer to keep their receipts. Collaboration between us could not be faster or more optimal than by using this service, which facilitates the exchange of data between you and us via a safe internet connection. You can access the bookkeeping system online and provide us with your receipts. You can furthermore access the digital bookkeeping together with the respective analysis at any time. Back-up of your data and protection against external access is taken care of by DATEVmIDentity.

Companies that do their own bookkeeping
Of course, we also offer support for clients who do their own bookkeeping.
We offer:

  • Provision of the DATEV program and support in setting up your bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual financial statements after taking over your data. This also includes:
    • Mandatory disclosures in the electronic Federal Gazette
    • Transmission of the electronic balance sheet
    • Preparation of tax returns