Payroll bookkeeping

Payroll bookkeeping – basic services:
  • Entering hours worked, fixed salaries, supplements etc.
  • Updating personnel data
  • Calculating taxes and social insurance contributions
  • Keeping  payrolls and other records
  • Sending reports to tax offices and providers of social insurance
  • Payroll accounting (gross/net)
  • Proof of contribution payments for health insurance
  • Payroll accounts
  • Certificates for tax purposes
  • Annual tax returns

Payroll bookkeeping – additional services:

  • We issue proof of payroll and income tax
  • We issue reports for trade associations
  • We issue applications for refund of sick pay
  • We keep vacation accounts
  • We provide electronic archiving of payroll documentation at the DATEV datacenter or on CD-ROMs
  • We assist you during audits by the tax office