Our services for private individuals

We care about the optimization of your individual tax matters. No matter if you are a single person, a married couple, young parents, a shareholder of an investment, a resident in Germany with foreign income, a foreign national with German income, or heirs: German tax law offers various tax privileges for all circumstances.
Below we provide you with a brief overview of the services we offer for private individuals:

Income tax return

The income tax return is an inherent part in the yearly financial schedule of most residents of Germany with taxable income. However, in many cases, taxable individuals, married couples and families do not make full use of the existing optimization potential in their tax returns.

Inheritance tax return

To lose a dear person is always hard. Yet, the acceptance of an inheritance results in diverse rights and duties for the heir/heiress. We provide you with expert and comprehensible advice on how to use the due inheritance tax in your favor and we prepare the inheritance tax return for you.

Tax consulting

Tax law offers diverse options for private individuals to minimize their taxes. We help you to optimally shape your tax matters according to your personal circumstances.

We are always ready to listen to any questions you might have. Just call us or use the contact form on the right to get in touch with us.